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Education for everyone. Revolutionising how you learn.

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Enhancing the Learning Experience

Education for everyone. Revolutionising how you learn.

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We believe in example-based concept learning that leaves a deeper understanding on what you learn. And it is interesting too!!



Comprehensive high school curriculum based on NCERT and other leading text books from all over the world. Primarily focusing on CBSE , but is used globally. In fact, 38% of our users come from foreign countries.

8th to 12th Grade:

The subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology starting from 8th grade have been taught in detail.

Content prepared by expert academics:

Experts from each subject have prepared the contents with great attention to detail.

Concise and to the point:

“Example first”© method to avoid rote learning. New-age learning has been the principle behind the content planning.

Work smarter and not harder:

eSkool.com helps students learn the smart way and not the hard way.

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Aren’t you tired of mugging up yet?
Would you like to learn so you understand?
(or)  Would you like to just rote learn?
Learn the eSkool.com way, understand the concepts better …


What’s so special about eSkool.com? How is it different from the 10000 typical digital classrooms out there?

First, We use simple friendly fun language and “Example first”© methods to help the student understand the concept.

We use simpler slideshows and content, not multimedia. It keeps learning clean and un-confusing. Who needs all the drama? Let’s get to the point.

Our contents are easy to skim through, thus reducing learning time . You can achieve more in same study time.

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With our dedicated support forum you are always  safe, we cover your back

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At eSkool.com, we are passionate about making LEARNING an interesting experience. We are a group of educators, programmers and psychologists striving to make every aspect of eSkool.com match the vision we stand for.

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